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Jagoda brand

Excellent quality as well as a unique, full flavor Polish soft fruit speak for themselves about Jagoda premium brand. The fruit are obtained only from selected and reliable growers to be capable of meeting highest standards. In each Jagoda pack you will find the best fruit from Polish plantation.

We do know that freshness is a key to success. As a result, we drove our logistics to the perfection focusing on, in each case, uninterrupted refrigeration cycle from the very grower to the final consumer. Thanks to our procedures Jagoda product retains the highest quality but also shelf life is being extended.

Why are Jagoda fruit premium?

  • proven & reputable growers
  • professional pregrading process
  • uninterrupted refrigeration cycle from producer to consumery
  • exclusive packaging design

We guarantee freshness & tastefulness of our fruit you will appreciate.

Let yourself be seduced by Jagoda brand highest standard.

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Gooseberry PET box 250g

Blueberry PET box 250g
Blackcurrant PET box 250g
Sweet Cherry PET box 1000g
Blackberry PET box 250g
Raspberry PET box 250g
Red currant PET box 250g
Plum PET box 250g
Strawberry PET box 500g
Sour cherry PET box 1000g

fruit availability can vary due to seasonal and weather conditions

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