The essence od nature

Magdalene juice is a PREMIUM class squeezed juice from ripe, selected varieties of Polish apples (36 apples = 3L of juice) not from concentrate, with no added water or sugar, without enzymatic treatment or clarification. As a result we obtain a natural, cloudy juice that has been pasteurized at low temperature only. Because of this process it retains rich taste, natural color and turbidity.

Magdalene is packed in “bag-in-box” packaging system (a polymer air-tight bag in a carton, with a tap), with 3l capacity only. This packaging helps preserve the juices freshness after opening up to 4 weeks. Product life date is between up to 8 months though.

Magdalene product range consists of two 100% apple juice flavors. Red apples juice (sweet taste) and green apple juice (sour taste).

Magdalene, in comparison to conventional juices, differs primarily with nutritional and health benefits. Pectin and polyphenols being preserved reduce blood cholesterol.

The unique flavor composition as well as the highest product quality speaks for itself about Magdalene brand.

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*Not From Concentrate

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